About Me

I am a Staff Software Engineer at Stripe. Prior to that, I held engineering positions at Uber ATG, Zenreach, Verizon Labs, and Ericsson Silicon Valley Lab. I did a postdoc in the Data Science and Technology Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). I received my PhD with highest honors in Computer Science from the University of Rennes 1. During the PhD I was a member of the Myriads INRIA project-team. I obtained my Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Computer Science from Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (Germany).

Areas of Interest

I love building large-scale compute and data infrastructure while solving real-world problems using great technologies. Over the past years I am fortunate to have worked on systems running thousands of services, millions of containers, and serving PBs of data.

My projects are typically centered around these programming languages and technologies:

  • Programming: Golang, Scala, Java, Python, Bash
  • Microservices: Multi-threaded programming and IPC, Platform SDKs, HTTP/RESTful APIs
  • Compute infrastructure: Kubernetes, Mesos, YARN, Docker, Marathon, Chronos
  • Storage systems and databases: HDFS, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Alluxio, Redis
  • Batch and stream processing: Spark Streaming, Kafka Streams, Flink, Hadoop MapReduce
  • Distributed query engines: Hive, Presto
  • Interactive notebooks: Zeppelin, Jupyter
  • AWS: Athena, EC2, ECS, Lambda, AWS Glue, Kinesis, EMR, Redshift, S3
  • Monitoring and alerting: M3, Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana
  • Automation: Bazel, Maven, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins
  • Linux and everything around Unix systems programming